4 Myths of Staffing Agencies

Myth #1: Staffing Agencies Only Hire For Entry-Level Positions

The first myth about working for staffing or temp agencies is that they only hire for entry-level positions. That is simply not true. Companies come to staffing agencies and need all types of hires to cover maternity leaves or medical absences. They're starting new projects, so do not assume that only entry-level jobs are available.

Myth #2: Staffing Agencies Only Offer Low-Paying Jobs

The second myth is that staffing agencies only offer low-paying jobs. That is not true either. Staffing agencies want to give you the best rate possible. They want you to stay in the job, so of course they're going to try to get you more money.

Take this story, for example. A young man was working at a company and he asked for a raise. They wouldn't give him one so he left and went to work for a staffing agency. The staffing agency eventually staffed him back at his old employer for double the pay. Double the pay!

So, that's my point. Staffing agencies negotiate higher rates because those employers really need that help. And this is a great opportunity for you to make more money.

Myth #3: You Have To Pay The Staffing Agency To Get A Job

One of the craziest myths I've heard is that you're going to have to pay the staffing agency. That is not true at all. If anybody is trying to make you pay to get a job, please run in the other direction.

The staffing agency gets paid through the employer. Not only do they get paid to cover the cost of hiring you and all the additional expenses, but then they earn a surcharge off that as well. The actual company that you're working for benefits from this too because they don't have to pay all the extra expenses of having you as a full-time employee. It's a total win-win situation, but you're never going to have to pay.

Myth #4: There's No "Career Padding" When You Work With A Staffing Agency

The last myth about working for staffing agencies is this idea that there's no "career padding"—that if you become a temp, it doesn't help your career at all. That's not true.

First of all, a lot of these jobs can go from temp to perm, meaning you start out there, and if they like you and you like them, they'll offer you a full-time job. Working for a staffing agency is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Also, working for a staffing agency can let you go out on various assignments, giving you more diversity of your experience in terms of industry and skill sets, which can make you more marketable and allow you to earn more money.

Ultimately, working for a staffing or temp agency can be a wonderful way to catapult your career.



J.T. O'Donnell