Premier staffing in the Upper Midwest

Indrotec provides quality contingent and direct-hire employees to many of the most recognized and influential manufacturing and product management companies.

In today’s competitive economic environment, clients are looking for much more than the simple provision of contingent employees from their staffing provider. They’re expecting an HR partner that can develop and implement staffing processes, procedures, and performance metrics that will more effectively manage their contingent workforce — and do it within greater cost constraints and budget parameters. At Indrotec, we are that dynamic staffing provider.

Our ability to reduce employee turnover — often by 15% or more, anticipate hiring trends and effectively and efficiently provide the qualified contingent or direct-hire workforce necessary to meet your company’s unique and specific job fulfillment criteria is why we encourage you to consider Indrotec to be your go-to contingent or direct-hire staffing provider.

If you’re looking for significantly more performance and increased value from a staffing company without having to spend premium rates to get it; if you want a staffing company obsessed with absolute quality where less than 15% of applicants are hired as Indrotec employees, then there’s only one clear choice: Indrotec.