According to a study published by a job search website, 21.6% of job applicants admitted to abruptly ending communication with companies or recruiters without notifying them that they had secured another job or were no longer interested in job searching. The study, which included over 2,500 job-seekers who had found employment within the last six months, revealed that individuals who were new to job searching were 30% more likely to avoid employers compared to those who had previous work experience.

Apart from the research, candidates who are below 35 years of age have a higher tendency to disappear without any notice, mainly because they are applying for multiple job positions and attending interviews more frequently.

This act of ghosting can adversely affect a company's recruitment process as it consumes valuable time trying to reach out to candidates who are no longer interested. To address this issue, we, Indrotec can minimize ghosting by valuing the candidate's time through transparency and streamlining the hiring process to make it shorter and easier to understand.