What is My Supervisor Looking For?

You're Hired

When you are working in a contract-to-hire position, employers are constantly evaluating your performance, to try and determine if you are a good fit at their company.

Ever wonder what supervisors are looking for when evaluating you for employment?

Below are some of the areas you will be evaluated.

  • Quality - Do you have errors, are things done right the 1st time?
  • Productivity - Are you keeping up with expected levels?
  • Teamwork - How well you get along with your co-workers, and perform as a team
  • Attendance - When it comes down to choosing who to hire and there are 2 candidates and only 1 spot, attendance is more than likely going to be the determining factor.
  • Cross Trainability - Are you flexible, do you take on additional tasks without complaining?
  • Leadership - Do you look for ways to improve the department, do people look to you for guidance?

Always put your best foot forward, and do the best you can at any assignment you have been given. You are constantly promoting yourself, you can choose to show your good side or your bad side, ultimately it’s up to you.