Case Study: Solutions for a Hiring Surge During a Pandemic

The Challenge

The company initially relied on contract hiring but realized the need to pivot toward direct hiring to secure top talent and streamline the recruitment process in a new job market.  Additionally, the challenge of managing a large influx of new hires during a global pandemic posed logistical and operational hurdles that were in the need of solutions. Our client needed a strategic staffing partner to efficiently transition to direct hiring, stay ahead in the competitive market for skilled workers, and ensure a smooth onboarding process. The urgency of the situation demanded an immediate response to ensure the continued and efficient production of COVID-19 vaccines.

The Solution

Strategic Transition to Direct Hiring: Recognizing the urgency and competition for top talent, we collaborated closely with the client to transition from contract hiring to direct hiring. This involved a strategic approach to attract, evaluate, and secure skilled workers for critical roles in production.

Market Data Analysis for Competitive Pay Rates: To stay ahead in the competitive hiring market, our team provided valuable market data on pay rates and supply & demand reports. We conducted thorough research to understand industry benchmarks, allowing our client to offer competitive compensation packages. This strategic move not only attracted top-tier talent but also ensured that our client was ahead of the market in terms of pay rates during a period of heightened demand.

Efficient Onboarding Support: Indrotec played a pivotal role in streamlining the onboarding process by facilitating onsite interviews and managing internal HR systems. Our team collaborated with the client's HR department to design and implement an efficient onboarding process that moved candidates seamlessly through background checks, drug screenings, and necessary paperwork phases. This not only expedited the onboarding of new hires but also ensured compliance with internal regulations. 

The Outcome

Efficient Transition to Direct Hiring: The strategic shift from contract hiring to direct hiring allowed our client to secure skilled workers more efficiently. This not only expedited the recruitment process but also ensured a more direct and lasting connection with the workforce.

Competitive Advantage in Talent Acquisition: The market data on pay rates provided by our staffing company gave our client a competitive advantage, attracting high-quality workers who were essential to meeting the increased demand for COVID-19 vaccine-related orders. By offering competitive compensation, the client secured top talent in a competitive landscape.

Streamlined Onboarding Process: Our efficient onboarding support, including managing onsite interviews and overseeing HR systems, significantly reduced the time and effort required to onboard new hires. This streamlined process allowed the client to rapidly integrate workers into critical roles, maintaining operational momentum during the pandemic.

Long-Term Partnership: Our successful collaboration during this crucial period established a long-term partnership between our staffing company and the client. Beyond the immediate challenges posed by the pandemic, we continue to support the client with ongoing staffing needs and strategic workforce planning.

The Conclusion

Indrotec played a crucial role in helping our client navigate the challenges posed by the surge in demand. Through strategic direct hiring, market data analysis, and efficient onboarding support, we ensured that our client not only secured top talent but also maintained a competitive edge in the market during a critical time.  These solutions provided by Indrotec contributed to the global efforts to combat the pandemic.