Case Study: Managing a Sudden Workforce Expansion

The Challenge

The sudden increase in workload necessitated the establishment of urgent hiring and management of a significant number of employees, including product inspectors, machine operators, and material handlers. Indrotec was engaged to facilitate the staffing process, manage the workforce, and assist in various aspects of the day-to-day operations.

The Solution

Onsite Hiring Events: Recognizing the urgency of the situation, our team organized and conducted onsite-hiring events at the client site. Indrotec designed these events to attract and assess potential candidates for their positions. We worked closely with the client's HR and departmental teams to ensure alignment with the specific skill sets and qualifications required for each role

Workforce Management: To efficiently manage the expanded workforce, Indrotec handled workers’ attendance, addressed employee concerns, and facilitated communication between employees and supervisors. We served as a liaison to ensure a smooth flow of information and promptly address any operational challenges.

Employee Coaching and Counseling: Understanding the importance of maintaining a positive and productive work environment, our staffing company provided coaching and counseling support to employees. We worked closely with supervisors to address performance issues, provide constructive feedback, and ensure that employees were aligned with the quality and production standards set by the client.

The Outcome

Rapid Workforce Expansion: Our onsite hiring events and targeted recruitment efforts enabled the client to rapidly expand their workforce to meet the increased production demands resulting from the closure of the Southeast Asia plant.

Smooth Operations: With our dedicated workforce management processes in place, the operations of the newly expanded production area ran smoothly. This ensured that the additional workload was efficiently handled without compromising on quality.

Employee Engagement and Retention: Through coaching and counseling efforts, we fostered a positive work environment and supported employee engagement. This proactive approach contributed to higher retention rates and minimized turnover in the newly established production area.

The Conclusion

Indrotec created a partnership with our client to navigate the challenges posed by the closure of their other facility. Through effective onsite hiring events, workforce management, and ongoing support, we facilitated the rapid expansion of the workforce, ensuring that the Minnesota site could seamlessly absorb the additional production responsibilities and maintain production timelines.