Indrotec Contractor Spotlight: Rocky

Experiences and Contributions

With the leadership’s directions and teachings, I easily established myself as a hard worker and someone they could rely on.


Transition to a Permanent Role

By August 2014, I successfully secured a permanent role, marking a significant milestone in my professional journey.


Impact on Career and Life

Since then, my career trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. Beginning as a 2nd shift operator on my first day, I progressed through roles such as Trainer, Material Handler, Line Leader, and Supervisor. In a relatively short period, I achieved the position of Inventory Control Manager, a testament to the opportunities and growth potential within the company.


Advice for Others

Do not be scared to try new things, every opportunity that comes your way, take it. It is okay to venture outside your comfort zone because that is where one can find themselves. Take pride in what you do and always show up ready and prepared to tackle any and everything. But most importantly, take some time for yourself and treat yourself.


Closing Thoughts

I am grateful to everyone taking a time out of their busy day to read about me and what I have to say. I wish you all nothing but the best of what this world has to offer. May all your journeys in your careers have no downs but ups only.


In the words of the great Walt Disney, IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT