Indrotec Contractor Spotlight: Tatyana

How It All Started:

It all began with a simple act of kindness. A friend needed a ride to her job interview at a Downtown location. On that hot summer day, what was meant to be a ride to support a friend turned into something more. The building was abuzz with people taking Knowledge Tests, and the idea to take one spontaneously struck. Within just 30 minutes, an unplanned interview had been completed.


Experiences and Contributions:

Just three days later, a call came in. Vision Ease in Ramsey, Minnesota, needed assistance in their Payroll Department. While payroll didn't initially seem like the dream job, a simple inquiry about a warehouse position opened up new possibilities. Two weeks later, the journey as a temporary employee at Vision Ease began, starting as a Lens Picker. However, the desire to explore different areas in the Distribution Department led to a move to the Stockroom. It was there that the opportunity to join the Shipping Department presented itself.


The Transition to a Permanent Role:

The commitment and dedication paid off. After just three months, an offer of permanent employment was extended on August 28, 2006, as a Shipping Clerk. This transition marked a significant step towards a more secure career path.


The Impact on Career and Life:

With each passing year, the journey continued to evolve. In just five months as a Shipping Clerk, promotion to International Shipping Clerk was achieved. The growth was relentless: Shipping Coordinator, Order Processing Team Lead, Shipping Supervisor, and oversight of the Shipping/Stock and Receiving Departments. The journey included the monumental task of relocating a Distribution Center from Ramsey, Minnesota, to Dallas, Texas, when Hoya Vision Care acquired Vision Ease in November 2017.

In January 2018, the journey reached a new peak as the role of Pre-Production Lab Manager at Hoya Vision Care in Ramsey, Minnesota, was embraced.


Advice for Similar Journeys:

The message from this incredible journey is clear: keep working for a better life. Maintain a positive mindset, be an example for your team, work hard, and you'll find yourself nominated for opportunities you may not have expected. Life's twists and turns can lead to the most unexpected and rewarding destinations.


 This journey reminds us that in the world of careers, the only constant is change, and with perseverance and the right mindset, the opportunities are limitless.