How to Fight Employee Turnover: Tips for Direct Hire and Contingent Workforce Management

1. Invest in Onboarding and Training

Direct Hire: A comprehensive onboarding program sets the tone for a new hire's experience. Ensure new employees are well-acquainted with company culture, expectations, and resources. Offer ongoing training opportunities to help them grow in their roles.

Contingent Workforce: Temporary workers should receive a scaled-down version of the onboarding process, emphasizing safety procedures, role expectations, and company policies. Quick but thorough training helps them hit the ground running and feel valued from day one.

2. Foster a Positive Work Environment

Direct Hire: Cultivate a workplace culture that promotes respect, inclusivity, and collaboration. Encourage open communication, recognize achievements, and provide opportunities for professional development.

Contingent Workforce: Temporary employees should feel like part of the team. Include them in meetings, celebrate their successes, and integrate them into your company culture. A welcoming environment can increase their commitment and performance.

3. Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Direct Hire: Regularly review and adjust compensation packages to remain competitive in your industry. Benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off are crucial for attracting and retaining top talent.

Contingent Workforce: While benefits for temporary workers may differ, offering competitive pay and perks like flexible scheduling, performance bonuses, and professional development opportunities can make a significant difference in retention.

4. Provide Clear Career Pathways

Direct Hire: Employees are more likely to stay if they see a future with your company. Create clear career advancement paths, offer mentorship programs, and encourage skill development through workshops and courses.

Contingent Workforce: Even if temporary workers are only with you for a short time, they should still see the potential for growth. Offer them opportunities to transition to permanent roles if they perform well and express interest.

5. Conduct Regular Feedback and Performance Reviews

Direct Hire: Regular feedback helps employees understand their strengths and areas for improvement. Performance reviews should be constructive, highlighting accomplishments and setting goals for the future.

Contingent Workforce: Provide feedback at the end of assignments to help temporary workers improve and feel appreciated. This can also help build a talent pool of high-performing contingent workers for future assignments.

6. Promote Work-Life Balance

Direct Hire: Encourage employees to take breaks, use their vacation days, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Flexible working arrangements, such as remote work options and flexible hours, can significantly enhance job satisfaction.

Contingent Workforce: Understand the unique needs of temporary workers and offer flexibility where possible. Accommodate their schedules and personal commitments to reduce stress and burnout.

7. Address Turnover Causes Proactively

Direct Hire: Conduct exit interviews to understand why employees leave and use this feedback to improve your workplace. Regularly survey current employees to gauge job satisfaction and address concerns before they lead to turnover.

Contingent Workforce: Stay in touch with temporary workers through surveys and check-ins to understand their experience and address any issues. Use this information to improve future assignments and reduce turnover.


Reducing employee turnover requires a proactive approach and a commitment to creating a positive work environment for both direct hires and contingent workers. By investing in onboarding and training, fostering a supportive culture, offering competitive compensation, and providing clear career pathways, you can retain top talent and build a more stable workforce.

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