Indrotec Contractor Spotlight: Brad

During my time as a contract employee through Indrotec, I learned as much as I could in the coating department. I knew my performance could impact whether I was hired on as a full-time employee, so I tried to absorb as much information as I could and ensured to ask questions to better understand the process. I learned the process so well, I became a trainer for new operators while still being a contract employee. It was soon after that I was converted to a full-time employee at Medtronic.

After I was converted to a full-time employee, I continued to learn more and take on more responsibilities. The area that I work in has a very unique and complex process, so the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about the process proved to be very valuable. Around a year after I started, I was told that the lead / subject matter expert of the area was planning to retire, and they would like for me to backfill his position. I knew this was a major responsibility to take on, but also a big compliment to even be considered for the position. My predecessor had been in the coating department at Medtronic for 37 years, so I knew the task of being able to take over for him with minimal impact to the department wouldn’t be easy. Fortunately, I’m very competitive, determined, and a quick learner, which I believe all attributed to the success I’ve had, and ultimately getting me to where I am today. My experience of being a supervisor/manager in the restaurant industry helped in this transition, but I knew I had to prove myself to the experienced technicians and senior operators of the area.

The impact of this transition on my career and life was huge. Working in the medical device industry makes the work you do feel so much more impactful knowing that the devices you make are literally saving peoples lives. The experience I’ve gained, along with the skills I’ve learned as my duties and responsibilities continue to grow are beneficial to both my current role, as well as any potential future roles.

My advice to others in similar situations is to find a job/career that truly interests you and something that you can be passionate about. It may not be the next job you start at, but that’s why there are staffing services/temp agencies like Indrotec. They look for potential good fits for your career based upon your experience, schooling, or interests. And you never know when you’ll find something that truly peaks your interest. It makes it much easier to get up and go to work, knowing that you’re doing something that you love or interests you.