Temp Hiring Surges To 25%

According to Alignable's April Small Business Hiring Report, small business owners are reducing their full-time hiring goals, as the job market appears to be cooling based on federal reports. The report shows a decline in full-time hiring by six percentage points, from 35% in February to 29% in March. This decline was primarily observed among SMB owners who intended to increase their staffing by 10% to 20%, with percentages dropping from 28% in February to 22% in March.

Additionally, the report indicates a significant trend in small business owners moving away from permanent, full-time hiring and opting to employ only temporary, part-time workers and/or contractors. This trend is evident in the record-high rate of 25% of small business owners hiring only temporary, part-time workers and contractors, which is up by six percentage points from 19% in February.

Respondents mentioned in survey comments that they are hiring more part-timers and/or contractors to grow their businesses efficiently, but they are uncertain about their future hiring needs or if they can afford them during an economic downturn.

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